6 tips for better sleep

6 tipov pre lepší spánok

When you wake up in the morning and feel like hit by a bus is a bad one. Is this you? We could list all the causes responsible for this situation. So only shortly. The reason can be an improper mattress, irregular working hours, poor lifestyle and the most common causes are mental problems and stress. There can be several reasons. If you haven’t identified any and you still suffer issues with sleeping, try our proven tips. No worries. You don’t have to remodel your apartment to have the right aura around you for a good night’s sleep.

1. The last coffee at five? OK, if you go to bed at eleven.

What easier can you do for yourself than not intake caffeine and energy drink 6 hours before bedtime? Try not to drink energy drinks at all. ???? We do not deny some people can fall asleep even right after coffee. But realize that the body must process caffeine in a certain way, and you will not benefit from healthy sleep. And if you have coffee at six and then complain that you can’t sleep. I’m sorry, but you can’t be surprised. Follow this basic rule and you will succeed.

2.   And what about dinner with a couple of beers?

No worries, we don’t forbid eating and drinking. You can do everything within the proper limits and concerning your health, but again – you should keep an eye on a particular hour. Some recommend dinner at five, some at six. It is probably clear that having a juicy steak at eleven o’clock at night is not entirely ideal for your body. Anyway, eat so that you can spend at least 3 hours eating and absorb the drunk alcohol. This will relieve your body at night and give it space to charge your batteries to 100%.

3. But I love to run mainly in the nights…

Sure, there’s no traffic anywhere. Few people looking at you or just exercise during the day – you cannot sacrifice a second of your busy day. Adjust it to yourself, but also think about your health. Considering the endorphins are circling in our body after exercise, there is another factor. During any sport, your body temperature rises and returns very slowly to normal. So do the exercise in the evening, but have at least 2 hours to calm down again.

4.   I am pretty busy. I usually work by late hours.

What’s more? Health or work? What your priorities look like, we don’t care. Today’s fast-paced world asks for it, but it must not become the rule. Here, too, mental issues can disrupt peaceful sleep. But let’s go to the point. Whether you have a lot on your plate or just a late-night owl and you are more productive in the evening, always leave things as they are at least for an hour before bed. Don’t look at your mobile phone, monitor or TV. Let your eyes rest from all the electronics.

5. How should my daily ritual look like?

Finally, the most popular tip that you are waiting for all the time. Every day, 30 minutes before falling asleep, enjoy a refreshing drink with a slightly sweet taste reminding you of a fig tree. Yummie! A slight addiction (and we mean positive one), named Good Night Drink. You will quickly get used to this ritual and finally will be able to enjoy some nice quality sleep.

6. One tiny detail

The moment you have been preparing for is coming. Treat yourself to a quality mattress and enjoy the coziness of a well-aired room. Fresh air is essential.

Good night, sleep well and look forward to a pleasant awakening.

A team of fans of better sleep.


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