The story behind the Good Night Drink

Príbeh stojaci za vznikom Good Night Drinku

Good Night Drink is trendy all over the world. Wondering what might be hidden behind the idea of entering the market with this particular drink? All kinds of energy drinks have a clear position. Modern times are quick and not everyone can handle a high pace for hours or even days in a row. Why – on the contrary, buy a drink that calms down? Today we share the story behind the creation of this unique drink. Maybe this could be your story as well and you identify this drink as something you’ve been waiting for for a long time. So how did the story start?

It was back in 2007 and Lucian and Alexandra were enjoying a vacation in Thailand. Unfortunately, the time of departure back to Slovakia was closer and closer. Someone might be disappointed to return to reality. Lucian, one of the company’s founders, was bothered by another issue. He was afraid of flying and the increased nervosity did not let him sleep.

“Alex, don’t you know some drink to calm down and ideally let me sleep the whole flight without any worries?” Lucian asked his wife. “I don’t know, but we’ll buy something like that at one of the stores at the airport,” Alexandra replied,

To their surprise – they found nothing like this solution. The only option was sleeping pills, but Lucian didn’t want to use the artificial pills. They realized that there was nothing healthy on the market to support a great and healthy sleep. And this was exactly the moment of one brilliant idea!

Upon arrival, they did not wait any longer and started to create a drink that can calm the body and mind and provide people with a better night’s sleep. Alexandra was studying medicine at that time and was interested in research. So she started creating a recipe. She put together the essential ingredients and studied their effects.

It took almost two years for this idea to become the first unique God Night Drink. Lucian and Alexandra had to choose the right ingredients, find the ideal share, find reliable suppliers, secure production, create a can design, verify distributors, solve marketing issues and much more.

The vision of the whole company is, from the very beginning, to operate on the world market and help millions of people with sleep issues. Our goal is to provide you with quality sleep and energy for the whole day naturally.

Within production, we care about high-quality ingredients, strict procedures and regular quality checks. There is a lot of effort hidden in backstage. However, we are convinced that it pays off. Do you agree? We would be happy for you to share your experience with us on our Facebook profile or share a photo on Instagram.


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