“Go to bed? Not now, I have a lot of work to do. 4 hours should be enough. Tomorrow I may recharge my batteries with coffee or energy drinks.”

Have you ever said something like that to yourself? You are not the first and, unfortunately, not the last. Many people do not consider sleep as necessary. A big mistake. This is a natural physiological need that no one should understand as a waste of time. During sleep, our body and soul regenerate. What happens if we lack it? It’s not just innocent yawning. You may be surprised at what health problems and risks it may result in. Let’s take a look at it together.

Lack of sleep

1. decreases:

       energy level

       ability to concentrate


       ability to learn new things

       sense of humor

2. causes:



        worse memory

        increased appetite

        risky decisions

        IQ deterioration

        worsen speech



        higher susceptibility to viral diseases

3. increases the risk of:


        heart attack and heart disease


        Alzheimer’s disease


        erectile dysfunction


Do not risk; it is useless!

Doesn’t matter if you are a student, a businessman or a parent constantly on the go. Everyone needs enough sleep. Therefore, do not hazard your health unnecessarily. A person that slept well is more efficient, has a better mood and feels physically much better. It’s not worth pushing certain things more than they already are and going to bed late because of the unfinished tasks.


Repetitive saying so many times, and yet some do not take it entirely seriously. Try to think about it. If you understand well, you can become a successful person.

Answer the question for yourself:

Do you want to be a tired and depressed person that needs a lot of time to have the work done?


A person in a positive mood with all the work done quickly?

We think the answer is clear. But if you have trouble sleeping and can’t sleep in the evening, try Good Night Drink. A natural drink for better sleep.

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