4 herbs for better sleep

4 bylinky pre lepší spánok

Waking up without any energy. Each of us has been through this period. Was it because of the upcoming test? Or just in the evening, you can’t sleep and at night, you keep rolling over? Either way, something is wrong if you don’t feel “charged” in the morning. Rest is essential and without it, our […]

6 tips for better sleep

6 tipov pre lepší spánok

When you wake up in the morning and feel like hit by a bus is a bad one. Is this you? We could list all the causes responsible for this situation. So only shortly. The reason can be an improper mattress, irregular working hours, poor lifestyle and the most common causes are mental problems and stress. There […]

The story behind the Good Night Drink

Príbeh stojaci za vznikom Good Night Drinku

Good Night Drink is trendy all over the world. Wondering what might be hidden behind the idea of entering the market with this particular drink? All kinds of energy drinks have a clear position. Modern times are quick and not everyone can handle a high pace for hours or even days in a row. Why […]

What effect does sleep deprivation have on the human body

Aký vplyv má na ľudské telo nedostatok spánku

“Go to bed? Not now, I have a lot of work to do. 4 hours should be enough. Tomorrow I may recharge my batteries with coffee or energy drinks.” Have you ever said something like that to yourself? You are not the first and, unfortunately, not the last. Many people do not consider sleep as […]

good night drink

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