good night drink

Predstavujeme vám Good Night Drink, prvý nealko nápoj so 100%-ným prírodným extraktom, vďaka ktorému už o spánku nemusíte iba snívať.

good night drink

We would like to introduce the Good Night Drink, the first soft drink with a 100% natural extract, thanks to which you no longer have to dream about sleep.


The first soft drink that helps you sleep better and wake up fresh. Made from 100% natural extract of lemon balm and hops, without preservatives, artificial sweeteners and dyes.

The base consists of 100% herbal extract from lemon balm, hops, and crystal clear alpine water. All ingredients HERE.

Like a delicate fig cactus, the drink has a light taste and is slightly fizzy.

The drink is made from 100% extract of lemon balm and hops, which our great-great-grandmothers used to soothe and reduce stress. Thanks to herbs, the body relaxes faster before bedtime and you enjoy deep uninterrupted sleep.

We recommend drinking it approximately 30 to 45 minutes before bedtime; its effect is maximal at this time.

Yes. Good Night Drink has no side or sedative effects. You don’t have to worry about falling asleep right after drinking.

Anyone who wants to wake up fresh and relaxed in the morning needs to concentrate and perform better. One doesn’t have to have problems with sleep; one likes to enjoy a natural soft drink with a fantastic taste in the evening. Good Night Drink is for physically and mentally active people under stress. It will also be appreciated by, e.g., travelers, managers, athletes or students.

No, Good Night Drink is not a sedative but a natural drink containing herbs, relaxing the body and help you sleep well. We recommend the drink 30 to 45 minutes before bedtime.

You can find Good Night Drink in Terno and Kraj stores, in hotels, at airports, railway and petrol stations or in vending machines throughout Slovakia. Check the store here.

No, it doesn’t. Thanks to the fact that we created Good Night Drink for ourselves, we care about its composition as much as possible. Without artificial dyes, the color of the drink is purely natural, made from 100% herbal extract. We also do not add any preservatives, but we pasteurize. Like this, we achieve long-term shelf life without changing the properties or taste of the drink. We sweeten exclusively with fructose.

We would be happy to see the Good Night Drink family expands to other countries. Please e-mail us at Share your company name, telephone number, and a list of countries in which you operate.